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Sumit Selli

Wealth Management

About Sumit Selli

Sumit Selli ACA is a London, UK-based Accounting and Advisory professional and a Partner at LAS Group. In his role with the firm, he specialises in wealth preservation, business consultancy, and tax preparation and planning strategies. As a Partner, Sumit works closely with clients to ensure strong relationships with clients and stakeholders alike. 

LAS was created on the belief that financial planning and money management should come with peace of mind. At LAS Group, the team values Integrity, Consistency, Agility, Resilience, and Caring for all of their clients, always striving to progress and perform “above the line.” Together, the small yet specialised team works to deliver success to their clients with regards to all of their accounting, business advisory, and taxation needs to offer a holistic approach to accounting and financial planning. 

The team at LAS Group offers various financial and accounting services, including Compliance and Reporting, Due Diligence, Consultancy and Restructuring, Technology Implementation, and Specialist Tax Services, the lattermost of which includes Mergers and Acquisitions, inheritance tax planning, and property taxes, among others. 

As a professional operating in the financial industry, Sumit Selli knows the importance of money management and the value a financial consultant can have when it comes to financial planning. There can be a lot of perceived mystification surrounding personal financial management, and Sumit wants to make the process digestible for all investors. He has defined himself as a leader with expertise in accounting, payroll, tax preparation, investment and project management, wealth management, business strategy, finance, cash flow, negotiation, and bespoke tax planning. Sumit regards Richard Branson as one of his greatest inspirations and works hard to define his own path as an entrepreneur. 

Sumit Selli has spent the past 7+ years as a Partner at LAS Group. Additionally, in his career, he has accumulated experience and industry insight through a number of different roles. In 2014, Sumit stepped into a Chairman role with Ccuoco; a year later, he decided to forge an entrepreneurial path and establish Richmond Globex SA. Serving as the Co-Founder, Sumit worked to establish the corporation as a leader in investment management, working with private clients and also offering financial advisory services to investment companies and private investors alike. Sumit has also been a Trustee at the Wavell Room since 2018 and the Director at Whitefields Research Limited since May 2020.

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