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A study by the Williams Group found that around 70% of wealthy families lose wealth during the second generation, and about 90% go through the third generation. With these statistics, it’s no wonder people are starting to think about their financial future.

A report released by The Barclays UK Prosperity Map revealed that about a tenth of British adults has a significant amount of inherited wealth. This means that the number of people who are now millionaires has increased by over 200,000 over the past five years.

Due to the increasing number of wealthy people in the UK, many financial planners have started focusing on wealth management. They also believe that it’s essential that the super wealthy maintain their wealth through the generations. However, despite the growing number of wealthy individuals, much of this wealth is still not passed down through generations. After working hard for many years, you must protect the financial wealth accumulated through your hard work.

While it may be uncomfortable to talk about these things, it’s important to remember that protecting your financial assets for the long run is also essential. A comprehensive financial plan can help ensure that your assets are protected for future generations.

Examining Your Portfolio

A comprehensive financial assessment can help you identify your goals and develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve them. It can also look at your current returns and risk tolerance.

Use this financial assessment to identify your goals and develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve them. After gathering this information, a financial advisor can recommend various investment plans.

Start the Conversation with Family

Although many financial advisors talk about family meetings, many don’t have them. According to the study, most inherited wealth goes through the third generation. This means that there is an issue of values and money being handed down.

Talk to your family about wealth management. They must understand the importance of managing their money correctly. A comprehensive financial plan can help ensure that their assets are protected in the long run. Begin a conversation with your kids about investing, no matter how small. This can help them understand the importance of managing their money correctly. They can also learn about the various aspects of investing.

A solid financial education can help children pass this knowledge on to future generations. Talk about the importance of managing your money properly and how to avoid making purchases that are not necessary.

Plan Your Estate

Estate planning is a process that helps people plan for the future distribution of their assets. It can help minimise the amount of money given to the family and avoid potential tax issues. It can also help minimise the uncertainties surrounding the administration of the estate.

You can determine the goal of an estate planning process, and it can be as simple or complex as you wish. A common way to minimise the value of your estate is by giving gifts to family and friends. This can help reduce the tax liability on the estate.

Create a Family Council and a Family Bank

A family council can also help manage the family’s finances. It can help prevent members from spending money that they shouldn’t. Having a group of people who are responsible for their finances can additionally help prevent these individuals from making purchases that are not necessary. Family members can also access the council to review their funds and prevent potential investment issues. A member can additionally create a business plan, but the council can only approve this.

A family bank is a type of financial institution that the council can run, and it can provide members with loans as needed. This eliminates the fees and insurance charges associated with traditional bank accounts.

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